Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Dark wood Laminate FlooringHardwood flooring is the wonderful idea to furnish our homes. There are so many ways of furnishing a home.  Adding beauty and quality to home or lifestyle depends on the interest of an individual. Wood floors put in worth and luxury to homes and make them cosier.  Building a new house or renovation of an old house, need an efficient approach to come up with new trends in decoration. Hardwood flooring is not an inexpensive idea to add in. However, a good approach to searching the timber market can help you to add wood floors on a limited budget. There are some types of floors in the market from which you can choose the best quality for your home. If you are going to build your new home, then the choice of unfinished hardwood to decor your house floor could work best for you.

Unfinished flooring is the type, in which the hardwood is installed on the floor in a natural appearance. After installing the boards of hardwood on the place, they are colored according to the interior scheme of the house. These types of floors are also called Site Finished Hardwood floors.

If we discuss pre-finished hardwood flooring vs unfinished, the first main thought comes up that pre-finished hardwood floors are better to decor existing homes whereas unfinished hardwood floors are the best idea for only new homes.

If we choose to add site finished hardwood floor in our new home, some of the major favorable directions of this decision are:

  • A wide variety of unfinished hardwood floors is available on the market by the timber suppliers.
  • The color of the natural wood can be acquired according to the color scheme of the house as the choice of the color is not limited to what is available at the store.
  • When unfinished hardwood floor gets into finished form by applying urethane, it appears more natural than pre-finished hardwood floors.
  • If you choose the Installation of unfinished hardwood floor at your home, you enjoy the option of customization. You can make your house floor more unique with borders, shades or high gloss finishes.
  • It can be easily matched with the existing hardwood floor because it gets the finish on site.
  • The color of the hardwood can be changed for the desired color by applying wood floor stain finish before sealing the wood as well.
  • The process of finishing the hardwood floor on the site provides more uniformity and sealing balance.


Appealing walls and floors give the luxury effect to the home other than any interior element. Do your best to give a lift to your lavish home with comfortable, smooth and shiny hardwood floor.

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