Porcelain, Ceramic or Natural Stone Tile Installation

Get Floored by Porcelain, Ceramic or Natural Stone Tile– The Best Against the Rest

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Are you looking for great flooring in the Dallas marketplace that will look beautiful, perform with endurance, and never go out of style? Consider a ceramic, porcelain or natural stone installation! Difference between porcelain and ceramic tile? Why Install Tile? Ceramic Tile, porcelain or natural stone tiles are extremely versatile and are a natural fit in many rooms and situations. Tile naturally resists damage because it is dense and thick. Many kinds of scuffing and scratching that would hurt other kinds of flooring don’t even leave a mark on tile. Tile is generally easy to clean and maintain. Because of this, it adds value to your home or office and is a great pick for your remodeling or construction project. Unlike other kinds of flooring, tile can’t be ruined by moisture or puddles of water, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements and entryways.

As long as it is sealed properly, tile is resistant to natural wear and tear– like a rock. Nowadays grout is available with a sealer added in. This product costs more but can save a significant amount of money in future maintenance costs for cleaning and re-sealing the grout. The natural look of tile provides a cool touch to fireplace hearths and walls. Thanks to the miracle of our modern age, tile is more flexible and able to be customized than ever before– you can even think way outside the box and go mosaic with your tiles! Incorporate organic stones like marble, travertine, slate, and granite into your project and enjoy your brand new tile installation!

When you complete a floor tile installation with Ace flooring, you will begin by choosing what shape or size, color, grade, glaze, and accent trim you desire for your flooring from among our thousands of options. This is generally the most difficult part of the job for many of our clients, since there are so many fabulous options to choose from! We’re confident that with enough time, you’ll find the right fit and design that will uniquely suit your selected space.

If you get in a bind, our flooring experts are always ready and willing to talk you through your choice of tile. There are many affordable options available to you. If you are a trend setter, you may want to install a larger size tile. 12”x12” tiles were the norm, but nowadays larger tiles which are 18”x18” or 20”x20” are very popular. Tile also comes in rectangular shapes or in plank shapes. Due to technology, ceramic or porcelain tiles are made to look like they are wood or stone. The benefit is they last much longer without the need for maintenance.

In regards to natural stone tiles, it is very hard to tell if the tile is a real stone or if it is made to look like travertine, slate or so on. By installing with narrower grout lines, it really makes it hard to tell the difference between real stone and ceramic or porcelain. Many of our clients in and around the Dallas area wonder what the difference between ceramic or porcelain tiles is. It used to be easier to tell. Ceramic tiles were made of inferior material and/or not fired or baked as long as porcelain. Porcelain is generally higher quality and more expensive but this is not always the case. Full bodied porcelain tile is often worth the extra cost because the top layer is the same as the tile’s main body. This means you can chip the top of the tile and won’t be able to see a different color below the top layer. To save money, builders often use a more economically priced glazed ceramic tile.

Natural stone is the most expensive type of tile but marble, travertine, slate and other natural stone look great and can add value to your property. Due to the costs, these tiles are used more in high-end homes or properties.

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