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Dallas Janitorial Services?

At Ace Janitorial we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your commercial cleaning needs in the DFW area. In conducting business as usual, it’s easy for daily maintenance to slip through the cracks. Ace Janitorial has your back.We’re a full-service company with a strong reputation, versatile and able to tailor our services to your needs. Our current customers include medical and dental offices, schools of every size, company office buildings, churches and schools. Though we cater to each client’s distinct cleaning and supply needs, we have a standard of excellence that extends across the board.

What services does your company require?

We’ll create a customized contract just for you. From renovation and installation to basic cleaning and supplying, Ace Janitorial and Ace Flooring does it all. Our mission is to provide the most reliable service in Dallas, TX, and we will strive to meet your standards. Call and set up a quote today!

Let us clean for you!

We will floor your floor, and make your surfaces shine! We want to make your space a place that is comfortable, clean, and taken care of. Give us the opportunity to do what were good at so you can focus on your work! We are a full service janitorial and flooring company that will take 100% responsibility for your building’s maintenance requirements. We won’t let you down!

Our sole purpose is to turn your janitorial cleaning or floor problems into solutions – to take total responsibility for your building maintenance needs, so you can concentrate on your business.

ACE’s goal is to consistently do such a great job that you’ll be a valued Client forever.

Why do Companies trust us?

Why do so many companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas trust ACE Janitorial to clean their facilities and ACE Flooring to handle their flooring needs?

We provide a full range of janitorial cleaning, office maintenance services and flooring services
We are bonded, carry $2 million (aggregate) in liability insurance
We select our people based upon a rigorous screening process
We have experience in cleaning buildings and handling flooring needs in a wide variety of industries
We provide open lines of communications. Direct lines to managers are provided.