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Now days it’s hard to decide whether to use Engineered or Traditional Solid Hardwood. They both have their advantages. Engineered hardwood flooring is made from real wood. However, it has layers which are designed for shrinking and expanding conditions like we have in Texas. Engineered hardwood floors are pre-finished so you don’t have to worry about several days of installation.

Normally installation can be done in a day. In addition, engineered hardwood planks generally have a factory installed aluminum oxide layer on top, which is very durable. Under normal conditions, you should get years of use out of them. The very top layer is a very strong layer of polyurethane sealer, which also helps protect the flooring. Like traditional solid wood, engineered hardwood can be purchased in many different types of woods, hand scraped, in different widths and finished with a glossy or satin sealer. The downside to engineered hardwoods is they can not be re-finished like you can with traditional solid hardwood. For engineered hardwood to be maintained, it is imperative to do maintenance on the planks when the damage is just at the top layer or the polyurethane layer.

Hardwood restoration companies like ACE Flooring can screen off the damaged polyurethane and re-apply new layers to restore the original look. However, once the aluminum oxide layer is damaged, it is too late to make repairs. In this case, the planks would need to be replaced. With engineered hardwood planks you can not customize or make changes to them.

Traditional hardwood floors still have advantages over engineered hardwood in certain cases. Solid hardwood floors can be maintained to essentially last a life time. Like engineered hardwood floors, it is best to repair damage when it is at the top layer or the polyurethane level. If the scratches or worn off polyurethane are not too deep or extensive, ACE can lightly screen off the remaining polyurethane and light scratches without removing much of the wood. If the scratches are deep, ACE will have to sand the floors, which will remove some of the wood’s thickness. If you want your floors to last a long time, it is essential to not sand off any more than needed each time they are restored. Another benefit of solid hardwood floors is they can be customized in many different ways; even afterwards. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and re-stained, re-sealed differently and hand scrapped later on if desired.

Hardwood Flooring