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Carpet Installation Dallas|Carpet types | Capet Stores in Dallas | Dallas TXThanks for checking out Ace Flooring’s carpet installation services in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas! We provide some of the best carpet installation Dallas and Forth Worth Metroplex area. No matter what your budget or décor style, we have the products, colors, and materials to match! We are dedicated to providing the best to our clients and giving them the services they need– whether it be selecting the product or managing their flooring budget effectively. Want to find the best carpet for your needs? We have some of the industries top carpets from Mohawk Carpet to Shaw Carpet.

We have a variety of carpet colors from purple carpet, red carpet  to all types of carpet colors. If you’re in the market for buying carpet or looking for that special carpet design, than Ace Flooring DFW  is your discount carpet store in the DFW area. Read on for some great tips!


Performance ratings make comparing easy

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Ratings from 1-5

#1: Use performance ratings to pick the best carpet for your needs!

Like every piece of clothing, every carpet roll or piece comes with a label. It is easy to find and legible. The information on this will tell you a little bit about the carpet, but it will also give you a performance rating, which rates the carpet on a scale of 1-5. This rating marks that particular carpet’s ability to hold up against normal wear and tear. The higher the number, the better the carpet is expected to perform. For example, a rating of 5 means that after industry- standard testing, the carpeting will still look like it was just put in. While anything from 2.5-4.0 is considered average, anything between 4 and 5 is considered outstanding. For high traffic areas such as family rooms, outstanding carpet is recommended. Carpets ranked between 2.5 and 4.0 will generally be sufficient for bedrooms, dens, and areas that receive less traffic. Any carpet with a rank below two should only be used for areas that don’t get a lot of traffic, such as closets and bedrooms.

Because so many variables factor into how long a carpet will last– it is not normally advised to equate the durability rating with how long the carpet will last (in years).

#2: Understand Other carpet terms to determine quality.

A few other things will help you determine the best kind of carpet for you to have.

  • Face weight– This term applies to the amount of surface yarn in a square yard of carpet. This is expressed in oz/square yard, and excludes the yarn that goes beyond and below the primary backing. Keep in mind that information on face weight will not be accessible for every piece of carpeting. If this this is the case, use some of the other ratings to determine the quality of any given piece of carpet.
  • Twist– This refers to the number of times that a fiber strand gets twisted together in a one-inch length of carpet yarn. The amount of twist will affect the texture of the carpet– just as a poodle and a Labrador Retriever will differ in texture because of the twist of their hair.
  • Density– This term refers to how tightly fibers in a given area packed together and bound into the carpet backing. The more is packed, the thicker and more luxurious the carpet will feel to the feet. Density will also make a difference in how the carpet looks, and how how long it lasts.

#3: Know your space:

Does the space where you are getting carpet installation done see a lot of footfalls every day? Will animals or children be playing on the carpet often? Does it get hit by direct sunlight? These are all things to be aware of and keep in mind when buying carpet.