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Pro’s and Con’s of Hardwood Floor Covering

What are the Pros and cons of hardwood Floor Covering?

Laminate flooring | Hardwood Flooring | Flooring in Dallas | Dallas TXThere are allot of  benefits of having hardwood floor covering. Spots and dirt do not stick to it, a primary benefits of having this type of floor covering is it’s extremely simple to keep clean. Unlike carpeting, whose color can fade in time, the color in the wood floor will continue to be the very same for a very long time. Also, for individuals with allergies, wood floors do not hold things that can worsen their allergies like carpeting can.

With hardwood flooring, you are not stuck with a particular color or shade since they have different natural patterns, without any two wood floors being precisely alike. This kind of floor covering is difficult, strong, and even if you drop or put some heavy thing on the floor, you do not have to fret about it getting scratched or dented.

With wood floors, if you are tired of the color, you can sand and redecorate them some times. Another huge benefit is that if you choose to sell your home, wood floors will enhance the value of your home and assist the home of sell much faster. It is flexible and can be made use of with any decor or design. A property owner can decide to buy the more costly looking difficult woods such as walnut, oak, or cherry, however if you do, these are not the woods you would wish to sand and redecorate.

Naturally, there are the downsides of having this kind of floor covering. Since just natural products are made use of and individuals with a restricted budget might not be able to pay for wood floor covering, the greatest downside is the cost. Given that it is a bit lengthy to set up considering that, they have to be laid in strips. The majority of people have it expertly set up, so there is another included cost. Wood floor covering can be swept and cleaned or damp mopped with a cleaner for wood floor however in time it will lose its luster, so that suggests that you have to wax it utilizing a special machine.

Wood floor covering can end up being slippery, making it a little hazardous to stroll on in sock feet. If you do select the difficult woods such as oak, you are going to desire to make sure that it is kept waxed so it will preserve its appearance, so this type of wood needs additional special care. Wood floor covering is extremely susceptible to humidity and wetness, which can weaken the wood. This is why if you have to mop a spill from the floor, or do a basic cleaning, ensure that the mop is simply damp.

Using specific kinds of shoes can make strolling across the wood floor loud, so if you desire a home without much sound, then you are going to have the included cost of toss rugs in areas where the sound is the even worse.

There are more benefits when you weigh out the benefits and drawbacks of having wood floor covering. This would be the type of floor covering to use if you can pay for wood floor covering.

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Pro's and Con's of hardwood flooring
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Ceramic Tile Flooring Suggestions

Ceramic Tile Flooring Suggestions

Ceramic tile suggestions |ceramic tile Dallas | porcelain tile Dallas | Dallas TXAnybody who has set up ceramic tile floors can inform you that it’s a job not to be ignored. Whether you are an amateur or a professional service provider, the procedure is practically the same. Sufficient prep work, quality products, and focus on information are the key to success in any home enhancement task. When it pertains to laying ceramic tiles a couple of “expert ideas” can lead to an effective conclusion.

Floor Prep work

It is not constantly essential to rip up the existing floor before setting up ceramic tiles. Numerous surface areas can hold up against the weight of tiles. You require maker instructions for comprehensive directions, there are things to look out for when making your choices. If the existing floor surface is concrete, fill all holes and fractures, make certain the floor is even, and eliminate any chemical residues. Prevent using ceramic tiles over particleboard, chipboard, and wood floors, as these woods have the tendency to flex and might lead to tile damage. If using over your current vinyl floors, lay a backer board first, utilizing thinnest mortar to fix it in place and covering the top with a moisture-resistant item. Constantly eliminate dried adhesive from previous floor setups.

Tile Size

High-end houses have the tendency to have floors laid with tiles bigger than the basic 12 square-inches. This assists the room to feel more extensive and minimizes the number of tiles required. There are some disadvantages to making use of these tiles throughout a self-installation. They generally cost more to acquire and are much easier to break throughout an application. The weight of big tiles can trigger muscle and back issues, due to uncomfortable positions needed to place effectively tiles on the floor. The fracture is more obvious than on smaller sized ones if a tile breaks over the years. No matter what size tiles your pick, acquire bonus to carry hand for replacements.

Tile Cutting

After determining thoroughly to figure out the number of tiles you require, you are most likely to find it needed to cut some tiles to fit the room. This might conserve some cash over having them cut expertly if you own a tile cutter or can lease one. Think about the time and ability included in doing this tiresome job yourself. It might lengthen the setup procedure, produce a great deal of mess, dampen your interest for the task, and produce a security risk. Weigh these factors to consider, together with the included expense of equipping yours with new blades or either leasing a cutter. You might find it more effective to pay the cutting charges per tile to have them done expertly. If you have them cut at the shop where you bought the tiles, the expense is less.


There are grouts and adhesives produced for different kinds of tile setups, and they are not all the same. Check out labels to find ones advised particularly for ceramic tiles. Blending powdered adhesive in big pails is a huge job; however, it likewise offers much better adhesion for less cash than pre-mixed variations. Look for things that serve double-duty as both grout and adhesive if you choose to use pre-mixed floor glues. In basic, use un-sanded grout for joints less than 1/8 inch. Check out instructions, considering the product and sub-floor in addition to the joint size.

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What are the suggestions to deal with ceramic tile Flooring
What are the suggestions to deal with ceramic tile flooring?

Floating a Floor

What is Patching or Floating a Floor

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There is much confusion with Patching or Floating a Floor.  Many times when providing a bid to replace flooring, customers don’t understand the patching or floating process.  To make matters worse, some companies tell customers up-front the costs that might arise if there is a need for these services while others wait and surprise customers.  When comparing bids, customers should always determine if estimated costs for floating or patching have been included because floating can be very expensive.  Customers should always try to compare apples to apples.  Cheaper bids may cost you more.


Like Forest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolate.  You don’t know what you have until you open the box.”  The same applies to flooring; there’s no way to know what the condition of the floors are until you remove the floor surface.  Once you remove the carpet, tile or so on, you can determine if the floor needs this service.  Removing old material often removes previous floating or patching.  What is floating you ask.  Unless you are floating a floor, you will be gluing the new material directly to the sub flooring, which is usually wood or cement.  If the sub flooring is not level, it will be seen when the new carpet, wood or tile is installed.  However, installing carpet over padding or installing laminate over an overlay product is not as important to have a level sub-floor.  Float or patch is a cement based product.  Patching is needed when the sub-floor has deeper holes.  We see this mostly in commercial or retail applications where walls have been moved.


Floating Floors


About Hardwood Floors

What You Need To Know About Hardwood Floors

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Installing hardwood floors is one of the best things you can do for your home. There is something about hardwood floors that simply make a house feel homey. While the feelings that hardwood floors seem to add to a home are rather difficult to describe, I’m sure that if you’ve ever been in a home with these types of floors that you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

These wonderful floors are also a great idea when it comes to design and décor. These floors go a long way towards making a house feel like a home. If you are in the market for a new house, you may want to seriously consider those homes that already have hardwood floors, as they will be more valuable over time than those homes without them. Keep in mind that hardwood floors do in fact add value to a home that is on the market and will gain a lot of interest on the part of potential buyers. Hardwood floors are in fact a major selling point when it comes to the homes of today.

Another thing to keep in mind about hardwood floors is the fact that there is a huge selection of woods from which you may choose the one that is best for your home. This means you can choose many woods that will not only match the design of your room but also any color scheme that you are hoping to achieve as well. You should not have to compromise on the look you are hoping to achieve in order to have hardwood floors in your home.

You will find that your home is served for many years by good quality hardwoods that are well maintained and properly cared for. These floors will create a great setting for a warm and cozy home, which is preferred by many who want their home to be an inviting place for friends and family to visit. In fact, wood is appropriate for all kinds of décor and design plans, the biggest question almost always lies in what colors you will go with for your flooring.

Yet another great advantage to hardwood floors is the ease with which you can clean them. In fact, the last few years have brought great advances in the technology of floor cleaning. This means that there are new products on the market, which make the prospect of floor cleaning much less painful than they have been at any other time in the past. In addition to the wonderful cleaning products in today’s market there is the fact that wood seems to collect less dust and dirt than other flooring materials. You should also notice that keeping hardwood floors clean is much easier than carpet and you won’t have to worry with the allergens that are known to collect in your carpeting if you aren’t diligent with steam cleaning and daily vacuuming.

If you happen to be in the market for new flooring there are a few bits of information that may help you make the final decision about the floors you will ultimately choose. First of allArticle Submission, you should find out how much the floors you are considering will cost. You should also find out if there are any special maintenance requirements or issues. Expensive maintenance requirements can add a huge expense once the floors have been installed and you should be aware of those before making your final decision. There is one thing I can tell you that is a near certainty: if you have quality hardwood floors installed in your home you will have floors that should remain beautiful and durable for quite a long time.

5 Best Flooring Options for Pet Owners.

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Best Flooring options for pet owners

Just like other members of a family, pets occupy a special place in your heart. When they aren’t spread out on your lap or taking up half the space in the bed, they spend a great amount of time on the floor. You may have never considered your pet’s needs when it comes to picking a flooring surface. Not all flooring is created equal when it comes to owning pets. Ask yourself, which flooring option is easiest to clean? Which is the most quiet? Which alternative is going to withstand the foot-traffic which comes with owning a pet? If you are a pet owner, consider these 5 options when it is time to change or replace the floor in your home.

Cork–An environmentally safe option, cork flooring is designed to diminish the expansion of allergens, including mold. When your animal is prancing all over a cork floor, have no fear; as long as you clean the floor regularly, it will not scratch. Cork flooring also absorbs sound better than any other choice. No more waking up in the early hours when Fido goes to the kitchen for a midnight snack.
Vinyl–Clean, quiet, and safe, vinyl is an excellent selection for pets or children. Very low in allergens, it is also very easy to clean and maintain. While not quite as sound absorbent as cork, it is another very quiet option.
Bamboo–The absolute hardest and toughest flooring surface, bamboo with stand up to more foot traffic than any other option. A renewable surface, bamboo is not only a great green choice, but is also stain resistant. Many customers choose bamboo as a compromise between the durability of hardwood, and the convenience of vinyl flooring.
Porcelain or Ceramic Tile–Scratching tile is not an easy thing to do, so many homeowners prefer porcelain or ceramic tile to withstand the wear and tear of pets. As an added plus, pet urine will not stain as it would on hardwood alternative. The downside to this option is that the hardness is not ideal for the comfort of your pets, but pet beds and other fabric offerings can aid in their satisfaction.
Stone Tile–Probably considered the best option for maintenance and longevity, stone tiling is potentially the worst in terms of pet comfort. In general, maintenance costs are lower and longevity is better for tile made from the strongest stone materials. If pet comfort is a priority, select a softer stone, but be prepared for slightly less ideal upkeep and replacement costs.

So, take these questions into consideration next time you shop for flooring. Each pet and pet owner is unique and there is no correct answer to any of these questions. Hopefully, this list will help you determine which type of flooring is the best fit for you and your pet friends.