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Adding a new Life to Your Home with Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling|Tile Flooring | Bathroom title| Tile flooring in Dallas | Dallas TXThe bathroom remodeling  or kitchen and bath remodeling remains one of the most common home improvements ever. These are easy and affordable, yet an effective way to improve the overall appeal of your home. We offer you the leading edge bathroom remodeling service. We complete the remodel with new flooring, counter tops, vanities, tubs and sinks. We are here to provide you a personalized service with a free consultation. Our experts will closely work with you to get what you exactly want.

Remodeling a Bathroom

We know, when remolding a bathroom or any room in the house can create nothing less than chaos in your home for the duration of the project.  At Ace Flooring DFW we strive to limit the impact it will have on your house hold. A big advantage of working with us is we are a highly skilled installation team.  Our remodeling consists of project management. This covers the remodeling ideas to the installation of products. We coordinate every aspect of the project which includes permits, material order, and even installation. So, just sit back and relax, your remodeling bathroom is in experienced and skilled hands.  With us, you get the following benefits:

  • Quality materials with quick installation
  • Project coordination
  • Same day consultancy
  • Easy payment options

Let the Professionals Do their Job

When it comes to remodeling bathroom, you better let the professional work their magic. We handle all your remodeling and installation needs. This covers everything from small upgrades to massive renovations. We are here to help you build the bathroom you always wanted. We provide our installation service for tile flooring, interior lighting, shower and tub doors, toilets, vanities, tub doors and much more.

Are you looking forward to making some bathroom upgrades? Other than our installation services, we offer you ideas and inspirations to get working with. We help you with everything, from storage to the perfect vanity. We help you to make the big impact with your bathroom remodeling. We offer you easy but efficient remodeling guides which make sure you are making the best choices for your space.

Why Ace Flooring for Your remodeling Project

Bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest improvements you can do to your home. It is one of the most trafficked spaces in your home. Having a professional flooring company, skilled installation team and a project manager on your Bathroom remodeling will ease your worries and lead to great looking bathroom remodeling.  If you our looking for a reputable, respectable, quality products and fair pricing. Than Ace Flooring DFW is your company in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.  It is our belief that nothing can give your bathroom the perfect new look like new flooring and counter tops.

The Best Pads for Hardwood Floors

Padding Hardwood Floors| Dallas TXThe Best Pads for Hardwood Floors

 Hardwood floor is a glamorous addition to our home interior.  Neat and shiny hardwood floor always appeal the visitors or guests.  Permanent care of hardwood floor is the big deal than the installation of these types of floors. Although all the people at home should have floor-friendly habits, it is also necessary to take some measures for taking care of hardwood floors. Floor padding is the good idea to keep them safe with an addition to the beauty of a home. The Rugs pads provide safety to the floor from scratches, breakage and discolor. There are so many floor padding rugs in the market that can be selected according to the hardwood floor type. Hardwood floors’ manufacturers also suggest better the type of floor rug pads which could provide full finish and protection to the floor.

Some of the best types of the floor mats are as follows:

Rubber Pads

Natural rubber pads are safer for the hardwood floors. These pads are non-slip because of having a strong gripping power of the natural rubber. These are much better than typical PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which stick to the floor and fade the color of that part of the floor. Hence, it is hard to find out the natural rubber pads in a market as there are so many plastic rubber pads on the stores. So try to buy the best quality rubber pad with its warranty from the seller to get rid of the low-quality rugs.

Felt Rug Pad

These are more fluffy and cushioned than typical non-slip rugs. Intense layering in the rug provides ultimate safety to the floor from scratches or sticking. These are mostly used for larger areas on the floors.

Natural Rubber and Felt Rug Pad

These are the combination of both the natural rubber pads and felt rug pad. Natural rubber base provides a firm grip to the floor, and heavy cushioning provide a dense buffer between the floor and the rug. It is an amazing quality rug to be used on the hardwood floors for protection, beauty, and comfort at the same time.

Tips for Hardwood Floor Padding

  • Remove dust before placing the rug pads
  • Place big size rugs in living rooms or the wide areas of the house.
  • Use rugs in the areas of the house which have heavy traffic like in kitchens or corridors.
  • Use a non-slip pad under the rug; if it is a poor quality rug.

However, placing the best quality rug for the floor care is important, but these above tips can also be helpful for hardwood floor care.

The Best Pads for Hardwood Floors
The Best Pads for Hardwood Floors
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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Dark wood Laminate FlooringHardwood flooring is the wonderful idea to furnish our homes. There are so many ways of furnishing a home.  Adding beauty and quality to home or lifestyle depends on the interest of an individual. Wood floors put in worth and luxury to homes and make them cosier.  Building a new house or renovation of an old house, need an efficient approach to come up with new trends in decoration. Hardwood flooring is not an inexpensive idea to add in. However, a good approach to searching the timber market can help you to add wood floors on a limited budget. There are some types of floors in the market from which you can choose the best quality for your home. If you are going to build your new home, then the choice of unfinished hardwood to decor your house floor could work best for you.

Unfinished flooring is the type, in which the hardwood is installed on the floor in a natural appearance. After installing the boards of hardwood on the place, they are colored according to the interior scheme of the house. These types of floors are also called Site Finished Hardwood floors.

If we discuss pre-finished hardwood flooring vs unfinished, the first main thought comes up that pre-finished hardwood floors are better to decor existing homes whereas unfinished hardwood floors are the best idea for only new homes.

If we choose to add site finished hardwood floor in our new home, some of the major favorable directions of this decision are:

  • A wide variety of unfinished hardwood floors is available on the market by the timber suppliers.
  • The color of the natural wood can be acquired according to the color scheme of the house as the choice of the color is not limited to what is available at the store.
  • When unfinished hardwood floor gets into finished form by applying urethane, it appears more natural than pre-finished hardwood floors.
  • If you choose the Installation of unfinished hardwood floor at your home, you enjoy the option of customization. You can make your house floor more unique with borders, shades or high gloss finishes.
  • It can be easily matched with the existing hardwood floor because it gets the finish on site.
  • The color of the hardwood can be changed for the desired color by applying wood floor stain finish before sealing the wood as well.
  • The process of finishing the hardwood floor on the site provides more uniformity and sealing balance.


Appealing walls and floors give the luxury effect to the home other than any interior element. Do your best to give a lift to your lavish home with comfortable, smooth and shiny hardwood floor.

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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring
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Selecting Flooring

light hardwood flooring |engineered hardwood flooring | Dallas TXSelecting Flooring

Is your home filled with kids, pets, and a lot of foot traffic? If so, these are some things you have to consider as well in selecting a good flooring material. Asking experts in flooring materials and services is definitely a smart move. With many options available nowadays, it is hard to decide which material will suit your lifestyle and your preferences. This is a crucial part. You only get to decide one time but its aftermath will continue for the rest of your life, maybe even outlive you.

A good investment that will pay off for a lifetime can be a deal breaker. A flooring material that has more benefits to offer and a possible high return of investment may let you give in and seal the deal. You are not alone. Millions of people have considered this when they chose hardwood floor. It never goes out of style and has timeless appeal that you cannot resist. Made from real wood, and with large variety of types, colors, design, grains, and patterns, it will surely complement any décor or theme you wanted for your house. Whether you prefer a walnut-earthly shade to match with your furniture or cabinets, or a gray shade, to perfectly set the atmosphere in your house, you can never go wrong.

Hardwood Flooring Benefits:

  • It gives warm, homey feeling no other materials can give.
  • Its versatility is perfect with any designs or décor you wanted.
  • Easy to clean as less dust and dirt are collected compared to other flooring materials. It is also resistant to spills and stains.
  • Does not trigger allergy. It can avoid discomfort brought about by allergen producing dusts.
  • It requires less maintenance. It does not need to be replaced every time. It can be repaired.
  • Good quality of wooden flooring can lasts for a decade.
  • Sustainable and ecologically available. It uses less water and energy to produce.
  • It has high property value, making it the most profitable home improvement project.
  • Indoor air quality is much better if wood flooring is used according to US Environmental Protection Agency.


Expensive looking hardwood flooring like walnut, cherry, and oak gives a classy ambiance. Paired with the aroma of a newly polished wooden floor, and you know you made the right decision. Get help from flooring service that will ease the hardwood flooring installation process from preparation of a smooth, clean, structurally sound base, to raising the subfloor (this prevents the moisture from rising up). Hardwood flooring is susceptible to moisture. Therefore experts will need to check the house’s normal humidity level first before the installation. Prior to that, you can choose between getting a solid hardwood floor or an engineered hardwood floor. Solid hardwood is a thicker single piece of wood, while engineered hardwood is thinner and bear a resemblance to that of plywood. The latter is less expensive and easier to install, and more importantly, it has pre-finish. So there is no need to sand & finish the floor afterwards.

Regular sweeping using a soft bristle broom is enough and no need to buy expensive cleaning equipment like vacuum. It will keep the debris and soil off the floors. It is recommended that you used a detergent or cleaning material designed especially for hardwood flooring maintenance to keep its glossy and new-look appeal. If needed to be repaired, three important steps such as sanding smoothing, & refinishing will do the trick. And voila! You get a clean, fixed flooring that does not need a replacement.

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Ace Flooring DFW
Ace Flooring DFW

Ceramic Tile Flooring

ceramic tile Floorings | porcelain tile Dallas | Dallas TXCeramic Tile Flooring

Whether you are renovating, or constructing any project, the utmost consideration is the type of material you will use. Does it suit the lifestyle of the person who will live in it? Do factors like aesthetic or maintenance make the top priorities? There’s a lot of questions to be answered before choosing the right material. Flooring services are in fact being sought after to help one make the right decision from choosing the right architectural structure to cleaning and maintenance. With the vast number of choices and little knowledge about it, a help from them makes a difference.

Tile has been a practical choice due to its endless styles and availability. It is manufactured from ceramic, stone, metal or glass and is commonly used for flooring due to its durability and resistance to impacts. Did you know that ceramic tile was formed from clay that is hardened by heat? Its decorative glaze may or may not be added depending on the style or usage. It is affordable and aesthetically pleasing when used for floors or wall material. It has variety of colors, texture, shape, and sizes. Ceramic tile flooring is usually 3/8″ or less inch thick, while the surface area is less than 6 inches.

Here are the advantages of choosing ceramic tile.

  • It is versatile. They are scratch- and crack-resistant. They even withstand high pressure, and it does not burn.
  • Ceramic tile is durable and in fact, it can last for more than 20 years if well-maintained. Because of its strength and resiliency, it serves as a good material for high traffic situations.
  • Easy to clean. Glazed tiles are water resistant and impermeable to stains making them the best material for bathroom or kitchen areas.
  • Cost-effective.
  • They are anti-static. They do not become electrically charged when there is friction.
  • Not harmful to health. For people sensitive to allergens, this is the recommended flooring or wall material.
  • It even adds value to your home aside from aesthetic appeal it gives.

Another good thing about using tile is, it can be replaced individually, if damaged already. Tiles are easier to repair than a wood floor or a composite flooring surface. If needs to be repaired, you just need to remove the broken pieces, clean it, put the replacement tiles and finally re-grouting the area. Most households utilizes DIY tutorials for this and some prefer assistance from flooring services.

Installation on the other hand is also easy. It can start off by preparation of the area, gauging the space, then tile can be installed and finally grouting the finished project.

Ceramic tile cleaning – Because of its structure, dirt and stains rest on the surface, which you can easily wipe away. For deep stains, a high-quality cleaning material can be used of without damaging the tile. But to avoid the dirt from embedding in the tile or grout, regular sweeping and vacuuming will do the trick. For deep dirt, a mop plunged in a mild detergents on a clean water can get the job done. You can get rid of the residue by using an all-purpose cleaner, or if you do not want to spend more, you can mix baking soda with water as replacement. Nonetheless, cleaning services can be availed to ensure proper ceramic tile cleaning is employed as it also varies for different types of ceramic tile. After all, a good flooring is something you will be proud standing on.


Ceramic tile

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